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Jeremy Scahill: Max Boot's Father Was a Hamster and His Mother Smells of Elderberries…

I really do not know how Republican chickenhawks like Max Boot can face themselves in the morning...

jeremy scahill (jeremyscahill) on Twitter:

Do you need the address of an Army recruiting center? RT @MaxBoot: Biden's reckless rhetoric on Afghanistan gives hope to the Taliban.

Any Think Tanker who is calling for the US to stay in Afghanistan should stop thinking about tanks and get in one.

Do you need an iced latte? RT @MaxBoot: Do you need address of Taliban recruiting center?

Max Boot will kill you, Abu Nazir.

The name's Boot. Max Boot.

Do they make a Kevlar pencil protector? Asking for a think tanker.

Max Boot earned a Purple Heart (shaped ink stain on his shirt) during the Weekly Standard War in 1994.

I assume Max Boot is telling war stories at the Veterans of Domestic Think Tanks Hall tonight.