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Lambert Strether: Blogs: Pure Platinum and Legal Tender: Imminent Death of the Blogs Predicted, Except Not

Lambert Strether:

Imminent Death of the Blogs Predicted, Except Not « naked capitalism: [A] single comment ignited a media and policy explosion* two-and-a-half years later. Does that look like a power curve to you, or what? The chart above is a postage stamp-sized version of the History of the Proof Platinum Coin Concept, 2010-2013 timeline** — each of the tiny black horizontal lines is a link to a piece of content, and the links stack up vertically by date. (There are also larger, post card-sized images of the timeline below, annotated in Skitch.) Now, I should say that the timeline is just a super-duper aggregation or link-fest; there’s very little interpretation or analysis. (For that, see Joe Firestones’s series on How the Proof Platinum Coin Concept was Propagated, especially Chapter 1: “Origin and Early History of Platinum Coin Seigniorage In the Blogosphere”.) Still, we can observe a lot by watching.