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UPDATE: Stimulus or Stymied? The Macroeconomics of Recessions: 10:15 AM-12:PM, January 6, 2013, San Diego, CA, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Elizabeth Ballroom F

Work and Search in Recessions: Theory, History and Measurement: Elizabeth Ballroom F: Manchester Grand Hyatt

Jan 06, 2013 8:00 am, Hyatt, Elizabeth Ballroom F American Economic Association

Presiding: VALERIE RAMEY (University of California-San Diego)

  • Cyclical Variation in Labor Hours and Productivity Using the ATUS MICHAEL C. BURDA (Humboldt University Berlin) DANIEL S. HAMERMESH (University of Texas-Austin) JAY STEWART (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Hours and Work Sharing during the Great Depression: Comparisons and Contracts with Other Downturns in the 20th Century PRICE FISHBACK (University of Arizona) TODD NEUMANN (University of California-Merced) JASON TAYLOR (Central Michigan University)

  • Job Search Theory and Unemployed Job Search over the Lifecycle MARK AGUIAR (Princeton University) ERIK HURST (University of Chicago) LOUKAS KARABARBOUNIS (University of Chicago)


  • VALERIE A. RAMEY (University of California-San Diego)
  • BRADFORD DE LONG (University of California-Berkeley)
  • DALE MORTENSEN (Northwestern University)