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A Question About Julia Ioffe's Profile of Ezra Klein in The New New Republic...

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At one point in her profile, Ezra Klein: The Wise Boy, Julia Ioffe writes:

David Weigel, Klein’s friend and fellow member of what came to be known as the Juicebox Mafia…

As I remember it, the term "Juicebox Mafia" was coined by either the Washington Times's Eli Lake or The New Republic's editor-in-chief Marty Peretz as part of an attempted ideological police action against Ezra and company for being insufficiently hawkish on the Middle East.

David, Ezra, Spencer, Matt, Dana, and company then dealt with this by picking up the label and running with it--saying: "we work hard, we're experts in what we cover, we're not afraid of being young."

None of this makes it into Julia Ioffe's profile. Why not?