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Welsh Horsemeat Pie:

For example, there is a variation of Welsh horsemeat pie, which may be prepared in the following manner:

Take strips of horsemeat, sear in a skillet and arrange in a stew pan, with layers of potatoes, tomatoes, and cheese. When it is simmered to a tenderness put it in a baking dish lined with pie dough, cover with crust, and bake until brown. This is best served with a heavy burgundy.

Another horsemeat entrée I may recommend is fillet of foal. As in the Italian method of preparing a fillet, insert small cuts of garlic at one or two inch intervals. Then spread a thin layer of very sharp mustard over both sides of the meat. Then, and only then, cook it just as you would filet mignon. The result is truly delightful.

Personally, I would not be surprised if horsemeat became the piece de resistance of American meat diet by the time the war ends. For the horse, and I trust all lovers horses will accept this statement in the same spirit of affection in which I make it, the horse is one of the few creatures on earth that can be as useful to us dead, as he is alive.