Noted for May 22, 2013
U.S. Second-Quarter Growth Now Looks Likely to Be at a Pace That Puts Downward Pressure on the Employment-to-Adult-Population Ratio...

Not too Late for the Social Credit Helicopters!

Duncan Black:

Eschaton: Not Too Late For The Helicopters: A big tragedy of the last few years is the failure to recognize that being in a low inflation world at the zero lower bound was a tremendous opportunity to massively enhance human welfare in this country. Mailing out 10 grand checks to everyone would have been an egalitarian massive boost to the economic well-being of huge numbers of people. Instead, the Fed has goosed asset prices, mostly benefiting the rich. Trickle down through another means, but still trickle down. Better than doing nothing, probably, but there were other ways.

How can you oppose a social-democratic economic policy that had the endorsement of Robert A. Heinlein?