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Green Lanternism: An Infantile Disorder

Green Lanterism is the belief that if only people would lead, they could do anything. John Quiggin falls victim to it:

Larry Summers: not enough of a jerk: The Keynesian analysis done inside the White House by Christina Romer and outside by Paul Krugman showed that what was needed was a stimulus of at least $1.7 trillion. Based on his subsequent commentary, it’s clear the Summers understood and agreed with this. If he had lived up to his reputation, Summers would have pushed this through the White House by demonstrating, beyond any doubt, that Emanuel was the kind of fool he is famed for not suffering gladly. Instead, he first made Romer reduce the estimate to $1.2 trillion, then dropped it from his brief without telling her, giving Obama a range from $600 billion to $800 billion. Summers is great at saying the unsayable when it comes to things like shipping toxic waste to poor countries or making baseless speculations about genetics and gender. But when it really mattered, he couldn’t come up to scratch.

Doesn't sound like Quiggin has read either Grunwald or Scheiber, but is rather relying on what other people have told him about them.

And how is Summers supposed to have overruled Orszag, Geithner, Emmanuel, Reid, Conrad, Baucus, and Obama?

Green-Lanternism at its finest!