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Jonathan Alter: When Obamacare Polls Are Accurate Without Being True: Noted

Jonathan Alter: The National Memo » When Obamacare Polls Are Accurate Without Being True:

As Republicans form a circular firing squad, nervous Democrats continue to believe that this is a depressing time when the future of Obamacare is on the line…. But young people, who as a group support President Obama, aren’t likely to buy Koch lies. And Hollywood progressives are about to unveil a strange-bedfellows alliance with insurance companies that will spend tens of millions of dollars telling Americans the truth…. So why the jitters?…

Americans have been told that the public doesn’t support the president’s signature achievement. This is true in only the most literal sense of the word…. Consider a September 15 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll…. The overall figure--43 percent support Obamacare and 54 percent oppose it--that received wide coverage, just as similar poll numbers have in the past…. [But] 16 percent oppose it because it isn’t liberal enough. In other words, 59 percent of the American public either supports Obamacare or wants it to go further.