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As the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives Prepares to Shit Where It Eats...

Voice #1:

I have been a staffer in a Republican Senate office for 8 years.

It is extremely frustrating to have Vitter portray the employer contribution as some sort of exemption from the exchanges.

My healthcare costs are already going to skyrocket, but being responsible for 100% of the premiums just isn't realistic on my salary. I know I'm not the only staffer looking for a job off the Hill, because I knew this was a possibility.

I can only assume the poor staff having to write the amendment language are hopefully throwing death glares at Vitter.

Voice #2:

My anonymous thought as a Democratic staffer is that it's going to be another awkward night in The People's House, watching Republican staffers as they watch their bosses argue for stripping away their employer health care contribution from their already meager salary. I almost feel bad for the staffers… which is saying a lot, given the way the Majority has conducted itself.

Voice #3:

It's definitely a morale killer.

We've been dealing with stagnant pay, long hours--including weekends and federal holidays--but hey, at least we have good benefits. This will suck.

I know the public doesn't have much sympathy, but these are not easy jobs. If they hate Congress, imagine working for it.

That said, I can understand the rationale and strategy in embracing the amendment and I don't resent the Members ho are pushing it.

They know full well they'll have to deal with the consequences.

Tea Party Constituent #1:

You can start with foreign aid. Cut that out. You can cut, you know, federal arts.

Tea Party Constituent #2:

There are a lot of grants.

Tea Party Constituent #1:

Grants. There are a lot of grants.

Tea Party Constituent #2:

It's a big problem.

Tea Party Constituent #1:

It is. It is.