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Noted for Your Morning Procrastination for October 3, 2013

  1. "Eaton-Kortum… yields a simple expression for the welfare gains from trade…. According to Subramanian’s estimates, overall trade in goods and services has risen from about 19 percent of world GDP in the early 1990s to 33 percent now, bringing us to a level of integration that really is historically unprecedented…. Plug[ging] Subramanian’s numbers into the equation above; I get a 4.9 percent rise in real incomes due to increased globalization. That’s by no means small change, but it’s only a fairly small fraction of… [the] 45 percent rise in global GDP per capita over the same period": Paul Krugman: The Gains From Hyperglobalization
  2. "'It was very evident to everyone in the room that Cruz doesn’t have a strategy==he never had a strategy, and could never answer a question about what the end-game was', said one [Republican] senator who attended the meeting. 'I just wish the 35 House members that have bought the snake oil that was sold could witness what was witnessed today at lunch'": Cathy Burke: GOP Senators Attack Cruz, Say He 'Never Had a Strategy'
  3. "And now a word of thanks to the Republicans who have managed, against all odds, to make Europe look like a reasonably functional place": @JLBankingBlog
  4. "I have previously written that we should not damn the Mail, and the current Lord Rothermere, for his great-grandfather's support for fascism. But I concede that, in these circumstances, the regurgitation of the Harmsworth family's dark past is valid. It is hardly surprising that it is now back on the agenda": Greenslade: Now Paul Dacre is the story as Miliband emerges with enhanced image
  5. "Professor Brubaker added: 'And don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re fond of old people. They take great delight in scaring the absolute shit out of them. Even the Royal Family is loathed. They grasp any opportunity to publish photos of Princess Beatrice looking like a very special kind of moron. Meanwhile, they’re clearly looking forward to dismembering Kate Middleton over the next five to 10 years.' Mohammed Iqbal, a fundamentalist Muslim cleric from Deptford, said: 'I hate Britain and everything it stands for. But even I look at the Daily Mail and think "that’s just nasty"'": Daily Mail hates everyone in Britain
  6. "Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple were all excellent at delivering… convenience, [Ev] Williams said… removing steps from what had once been a more complex series of actions…. Blogger, to dominate how people put new content on the web. Instead of creating a new document, saving it, manually uploading it, and viewing it… people could simply type their content into a web form and click 'publish'… The key… is to remove extra steps from common activities as he did with Blogger": Ryan Tate: Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online


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