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Statement by Federal Reserve Board Vice Chair Yellen on her nomination by President Obama: Noted

Robin Harding: Warm Welcome to Yellen Nomination: Noted

Robin Harding: Warm welcome to Yellen nomination:

  • “Janet Yellen is a terrific choice to lead the Federal Reserve. I have admired and learnt from her ever since she taught my first macroeconomics graduate class in 1976” -- Larry Summers

  • "Janet is smart, collegial, and experienced. She is the perfect person to lead the Fed at this critical time" -- Christina Romer

  • "Personally, I’m delighted… [she has] superior, intellectual equipment…. Whenever it happens, it’ll be under her watch that we change course [on monetary policy] and it’s going to take extraordinary skill to judge when that occurs and how to communicate it" --Richard Fisher

  • "[She has a] substantial academic background and is also a very, very solid policy maker with tremendous good sense” -- José Viñals


  • "I do not think any chair nominee ever has been better prepared to take the job than Janet Yellen is right now. And I think it is good that she is so prepared. If Obama does nominate her in the Senate does confirm her, she will face challenges of the same order of magnitude that Paul Volker and Marriner Eccles faced. It is news that does make me sleep easier" -- Brad DeLong