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Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for December 8, 2013

Day-Early Monday Smackdown of Scott Sumner's: "Izabella Kaminska and the problem of communication in macro"

Let me sharply, sharply, sharply dissent from this from Scott Sumner, who begins a weblog post:

Scott Sumner: TheMoneyIllusion » Izabella Kaminska and the problem of communication in macro:

One amusing sidelight of Nick Rowe’s recent post was all sorts of people agreeing that they can never understand what Izabella Kaminska is talking about (including Nick and I.)  The lazy way out would be to assume that Kaminska is a phony...

That is completely wrong. Almost always, almost everybody I talk to who has read Izabella Kaminska (a) understands what she is saying, and (b) thinks it smart. And (c) I agree: it is smart. The occasions on which individual people I talk to who read IK don't understand what she is saying are rare. The occasions on which most of the people I talk to about an IK article think she is confused are even rarer.

Scott is correct in the concluding sentence of his paragraph:

She probably has valuable things to say...

She does. If he doesn't read her regularly, he should. And he owes her a big post highlighting some of the very smart coverage she provides. She is an important art of the press corps that we need to have.

Yes. She is not an expert on either multiple equilibria in models of monetary dynamics or on the disequilibrium foundations of equilibrium economics. So? It isn't her job to be...