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Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for January 15, 2014

Thursday Idiocy Starts on Wednesday This Week: Yes, It's Dylan Byers Not Doing His Job Again...

Dylan Byers: Why are so many high-profile progressives sitting out the marijuana debate?:

So the POLITICO homepage has gone to pot... states are taking the lead on the legalization campaign... the legal nightmare this creates... the country is split over the issue. The media's response to this has been somewhat unexpected. To date, the most notable story is the number of pundits, mostly of a moderate conservative bent, who have come out against legalization. In recent weeks, David Brooks, Joe Scarborough and Tina Brown have all written about marijuana's threats to -- respectively -- character development, intelligence and our ability to compete with the Chinese. What's surprising is the absence of a strong response from the progressive sphere... we have yet to see a resounding response from pundits' of a higher caliber....


Dylan Byers: UPDATES:

Nation reporter George Zornick draws our attention to this from MSNBC's Chris Hayes, which we'd overlooked ... Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett sends in his contribution for Salon ... Adam Serwer sends in this smart analysis from MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry ... Carolyn Edgar of New York sends this Washington Post editorial by Stacey Patton (of the Chronicle of Higher Education) and Washington State University's David J. Leonard. ... The Grio's Goldie Taylor weighs in on what legalization could mean for black Americans...

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?