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From: Gillian Lester
Subject: Suzanne Scotchmer

Berkeley Law Community,

It is with deep sorrow that I write to share the news that our colleague, Suzanne Scotchmer, passed away yesterday afternoon. Suzanne is survived by her partner, Steve Maurer, and her brother, Alan Andersen.

Suzanne was born in 1950 in Pelican, Alaska, a town of population 130. Her father was a fisherman. She first came to Berkeley as a student, earning an M.A. in Statistics and Ph.D. in Economics. She began her academic career as an economist at Harvard, only to return to Berkeley in 1986 to join the faculty of our School of Public Policy. She would later also become a Professor of Economics and Professor of Law.

Despite many opportunities to join the faculties of other universities, Suzanne remained a devoted and deeply distinguished member of the Berkeley faculty for almost all of her professional life. Suzanne was a brilliant, internationally-renowned economist who made significant contributions to basic as well as applied theory in the areas of game theory, club theory, and patent law and incentives for R&D. She wrote more than 20 books, served as a consultant to the Department of Justice on antitrust, was a fellow of the Econometrics Society, and was highly sought after as a lecturer and speaker at universities across the globe.

Suzanne was particularly inspirational as one of very few women writing in the field of theoretical economics. Friends, colleagues and students across the campus and across her disciplines shared a deep appreciation for Suzanne's tirelessly creative mind, her enthusiasm for intellectual engagement at the highest level, and her preternatural ability to see to the heart of a complex problem immediately and describe it with clarity and insight.

The loss of Suzanne Scotchmer is an immense loss to the University of California and to the academy.

Suzanne's family will be holding a private memorial service in Alaska. They have requested that in lieu of flowers, friends may give donations to the American Cancer Society...