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Washington Center for Equitable Growth: Marvelling at Chris Cilizza of the Washington Post Weblogging

Over at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth Equitablog:

One Reason Why American Public Policy Is Going to H— in a Handbasket…: Wednesday Focus: February 5, 2014:

Chris Cilizza is one of the best reporters the Washington Post has now that the Wonkblog crew is heading off to Vox Media. Chris Cilizza also sees nothing odd or ironic in writing:

Chris Cilizza: Why the CBO report is (still) bad news for Democrats: My job is to assess not the rightness of each argument, but to deal in the real world of campaign politics in which perception often (if not always) trumps reality…

Note the assumptions here:

  • That what actually happens to Americans as ObamaCare is implemented is not the “real world”
  • That the real world is the world of “campaign politics”
  • That in this real world of campaign politics reality does not count–”perception trumps”
  • That it is not his job to report on the “rightness of the argument” about what the consequences of ObamaCare implementation will be for all those Americans who do not live in the real world of campaign politics but, instead live somewhere else
  • That it is his job to report on the perceptions of campaign politics–because that is the real world

And at this point, all you can do is quote extensively from Plato’s Republic, the passage on the Allegory of the Cave, and urge Jeff Bezos to immediately change the culture of the Washington Post completely so that it can at least try to step up its game...