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Sarah Kliff: For millions who signed up, Obamacare is working: "The people who bought Obamacare during the law's first open enrollment period...

...are largely pretty satisfied customers, a big new study from the Commonwealth Fund shows. Most adults with new coverage have used it to go to the doctor; and about 80 percent say they're satisfied with their purchase. That Obamacare's new enrollees would be happy with their new coverage wasn't necessarily a given. Many enrolled in plans with narrow networks, which limit which doctors and hospitals patients can see, restrictions that can frustrate subscribers. Others gained coverage through Medicaid, which pays doctors less than most private insurance plans--and has fewer providers to see patients as a result...

But about six months into the insurance expansion, Obamacare's buyers seem to be, on balance, not as much frustrated with these types of challenges as they are happy with having insurance coverage to begin with...."