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The link for the audio leads to a blank page. And I am so missing listening to the next installment.

I can't find the audio for the final two lectures posted. Any chance of getting those out--maybe before Christmas? Since I (and surely many others) have been following this course via the internet, a sense of closure is missing without the last lectures, especially since some of the later readings are difficult to access.
I believe the last audio posted is for Nov 17, neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism.
I did enjoy the sample final, though my math skills are too rusty for most of the problems. My next project will be working on the problems!
I'll take this opportunity to report that the course has been enjoyable and meaningful; I've had a great time following the syllabus through the lecture notes, audio, and readings. Thank you for posting these and making a truly educational experience available over the internet.

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