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February 07, 2007


Juan Carlos Suarez

As some of you have noticed, the readings for this week were not put on reserve. The non-web-available readings are in one book, of which there are two copies in the library. One has been recalled to make copies and put in reserve at Haas. I have the other one. If anyone needs it, please let me know.


Juan Carlos Suarez

Juan Carlos Suarez

On the previous note. Some of you might be wondering why I didn't put it on reserve myself. The wonders of the Haas Reserves system prevented me from doing so. Haas librarians had already recalled a book (which is apparently easier than picking one off the shelf!) and I lack priviledges.

Juan Carlos Suarez

Good things come in threes. I wonder if anyone will read this?

Sung Bin Sohn

At least, one of your classmates is reading your comments :)

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