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May 08, 2008


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M. Morris

I notice that no one has commented on your very well-worded post.

Although I am not familiar with the memo you are referring to, nonetheless you make some excellent points on the subject of ethical and legal behaviour of legal counsel given in lofty places, particularly at the OLC.

And in the same way that many military men question both the ethics and the wisdom of dispensing with the Geneva Convention and the military code of justice, because it may come back to haunt their own soldiers in the hands of the enemy, there is a parallel risk that, Presidents who get whatever legal opinion they demand, may someday find themselves charged as war criminals in an international court.

Beyond John Yoo's personal and professional liability as a co-conspirator, he has ultimately imperiled the legal grounding of the office of the president, even if it was at their request or under their bullying.

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