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October 03, 2006


Jean-Philippe Stijns

So, what's the non-conspiracy-based explanation for this video not being available anymore? :-)


Thank you for your kind and guronees comments. I do agree with you on Owen and Jim; and also that Some people just don't want to believe . I think that certain people just don't agree with aid in the first place, while others are free market theorists and ideologues; neither wants to listen to the empirical evidence regularly presented by Jim and Owen.


Dear Brad:I went to the Glema Mahr to view the art entries last week and the doors were locekd at 1:10 that day. No one outside knew why the doors were not open and when I returned home, I tried to contact the Glema Mahr but never got a response. I called, left a message and I also e-mailed a Lynn Curtis but never got a reply. What hours are you open? I thought the hours were from 9 to 4.Thanks, Lynn M. SmithDixon, Ky.


Lynn, The entire staff was at a two day psraesoionfl development workshop in Louisville. I guess we forgot to put up the signs! Sorry! Also, I did post this response on Lynn's comment page , as well. When you comment, it contacts me as page administrator, but not the staff. To email a staff person just click on their email link.

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