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October 05, 2006



I disagree completely. What is missing is not leadership. What is missing is representation. Elected officials are supposed to represent us in government (representative democracy), rather than lead us (dictatorship?). It would be so refreshing to hear a politician say "while I disagree with this or that policy, I will vote for it because it is what my constituents want." Instead, we get people like Joe Leiberman who ask us to vote for him even though we disagree with him, because he is standing on principal. What we are lacking in Washington is proper representation.


thanks for the morning coffee! I would have to defend DeLong on this one: he was talking abt executive power, not legislative (on which count i can only agree with Sid). French and Germans, e.g., certainly do seem to be much better at getting experienced people into the highest office, but they are then plagued with 'gerontocracies'. i don't have a solution either, i guess. but thanks for the talk, once again.


people often, perhaps even uusally, do things for reasons other than the reasons they give.quite at odds with the reasons people give for why they like or respect others.functional, but for quite different reasons than people uusally give.This all seems to add up to a consistent expert consensus that humans quite often, perhaps even uusally, just don’t know why they do what they do. This seems to me to be a non-sequitur. People may very well know but give distorted or false reasons.


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Classic. I suppose that you are about haflway through the 12 step program to teach you how to stop arguing like a college freshman? When do they get to the part about ad hominen attacks? (Perhaps you should google that phrase) I am surprised and impressed that you managed to get through your comment without using the leftist's favorite empty combative words fascist or Nazi Personally, I have not listened to Rush in a decade and not regularly since the early 90s, when your previous false Messiah ascended to office.But the part that strikes me as funny is you using that dittheads term at the same time that we have just witnessed the biggest personality cult of myrmidons in our nation's history. I speak of the Cult of Obama and their unthinking, starry-eyed masses.

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