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December 18, 2008


Dana Gardiner

When are the remaining lectures going to be available on audio: Dec 8th, Dec 15th, Dec 1st, ?


yah totally and that carevnsotion cracked me up and the ASS-GATE one mwahahahahaha seriously if anyone read the Twirlie chat's they'd put us in a Psych hospital and throw away the key!Have a merry xmas baby juju :***


Bri - Funny how you can be sitting in front of the cuompter, having a nice enough day, then suddenly in tears when the reality of people lost hits I love these photos, but it reminds me so much of my own dad who was a Scottish immigrant of the same age from the same part of Adelaide (and a massive Barnesy fan). He died at 45 and missed my wedding and the birth of his first grandchild a year ago. I've been moved to tears quite a few times by your photos, but never quite like this. Beautiful! ps my wedding ended in people being thrown in a pool too. Must be the Scottish genes.

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